Work From Home

Work From Home – Seeking Serious Individuals

What if I told you that… YOU could be a part of a “MOVEMENT” in the world of wearable technology, one that is going to transform lives using advanced infrared technology to collect bio-data 24/7?

Users have the ability to track their blood pressure, heart rate, and even perform an EKG from a band on their wrist.
Alerts will be sent to loved ones if their vital measurements come up abnormal any time throughout the day.
In the next few months, this device will even be able to measure blood glucose levels directly using sweat glands, it will monitor body temperature, oxygen levels, repel mosquitoes, and even measure blood alcohol levels.

By the year 2020, the emerging wearable technology market will be worth $34 Billion dollars – and this company, who owns a huge part of this sector, is paying people like you and me to spread the word and get these life-sensing devices in as many homes across the globe as possible. People NEED to know about this!

If you would like to know more about how to become a part of this ONE-OF-A-KIND world-wide movement, please respond “more info” via email and I will send you more information.

*Must be 18 years or older
*Good communication skills
*Must have a mobile device or computer
*Independent Worker
*Self Disciplined
*Self Starter
*Honesty and Integrity are a MUST!

*NOTE: This is not a JOB, it is a home-based business opportunity for those seeking to be an entrepreneur and work on their own terms.

Thank you!

Work From Home