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What Is a Virtual Assistant and Who Becomes One?

The virtual assistant business is a rapidly growing one as companies look to reduce their overheads and individuals looking for flexible ways to increase the family income.

A good definition of a virtual assistant is a highly skilled professional who provides administrative support and other specialized services to businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, sales professionals and others who need help managing their work load.

The virtual assistant is an independent professional who works remotely usually from home for a business on a contract basis. They are not an employee, therefore they are responsible for their own equipment, business expenses and taxes.

There are a three aspects to this business which sets it apart from other home-based secretarial services or telecommuting positions.

1.The primary characteristic of most virtual assistants is that they work to build long-term relationships with a client and their business. The assistant will tailor their services to fit the client's particular needs and will often need to be expert in a wide range of business support functions.

2.The term virtual means that this person fulfills their functions from their own remote home office, which in turn gives the virtual assistant freedom to work around their family commitments. However unlike a lot of home based opportunities it is likely that the assistant will have to tie their working hours in with that of the business they are supporting.

3.The virtual assistant owns their own business as opposed to a temporary contract worker or employee allowed to telecommute from home. Most assistants do not consider themselves secretaries who work for someone, but rather a business partner providing business to business services. As opposed to the term 'freelance' work which can imply someone who works to make some extra income, the virtual assistant is building their own real home based business.

Time and money are big constants for many businesses and they are looking for a solution and a skilled assistant can take over many administrative tasks and free up business owners, executives and busy managers to get on with running their own businesses.

Who becomes a Virtual Assistant?

They are likely to have worked in administration for many years, they will be efficient, have an attention to detail, with great organizational and time-management skills. Secretarial training or professional qualification and language skills are also helpful.

As with any business it will take hard work and determination to really make it work but there should be good rewards for those that do.

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