What are the Secret Messages in Taylor Swift's “End Game” Music Video Fans Have Seen So Far?

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When Taylor Swift drops a new music video, fans, and social media implode. Swifties analyze and the world, well they’re just excited to watch whether they admit it or not. 

Swifties are the ultimate detectives when it comes to their favorite superstar and the hints she leaves for them in her music and her music videos. They analyze and theorize the meaning behind them via Tumblr, Twitter, and every other social media platform. When it comes to Swift’s music videos, well, they’re not just a video, they’re a featured event.

So, when it comes to the “End Game” music video dropping early Friday at Midnight, it’s safe to say that fans are up waiting and counting down the hours until the big video reveal. The Songstress teased a clip of the music video on Thursday morning via her social media app The Swift Life and Instagram.

As far as we know, Ed Sheeran and Future are in it, and it looks like it’s going to be just as iconic as her other music videos. But if it’s directed by Joseph Kahn, it has to be, right? But that’s not all we have discovered. Fans have already decoded some of the secret messages in the video, and there’s bound to be much more when we see it in its entirety.

Fans discover the messages that are behind Swift. In one frame, you see her walk down a road with neon signs with Japanese lettering. According to a user on Tumblr, the signs say “End Game,” “A-Team,” “Your first string,” “Reputation,” “Meredith,” and “Olivia. While most of the phrases are lyrics from the song, the last two are Swift’s two cats, who she has to include because it’s simply not a Swift video without them.

She’s sneaky when it comes to adding secret messages in her videos, and we’re totally here for it. Do you think Swift will have more messages in the video? What do you think they will say? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments below.