Wandering around the Web: all things arachnia

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A prick of the ‘Venom’

When we first heard a Venom film will be making its way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans everywhere thanked the movie overlords that such a fantastic character would not just have Topher Grace’s sub-average portrayal as its legacy.

The 1-minute-50-second-long teaser trailer, which aired on February 8, and has accumulated over 14 million views, encapsulates the downward spiral of Eddie Brock, his long-standing human host who is played by the inveritable Tom Hardy. Remarkable to see Hardy shift from Bane to gangster twins to an alien-possessed host, isn’t it?

Unfortunately the teaser is either a yawn or a question mark. We don’t see Venom in his sleek black suit, nor do we see how Brock actually becomes engulfed by Venom. In Spider-Man 3, we saw the full extent of the symbiote’s power when he takes on Peter Parker as a human host. However, historically, Venom’s first human host was Deadpool, so are we to expect a cross-over?

Now, what type of fan-girl would I be if I didn’t wander over to Tumblr to see the countless pieces of fan art depicting the salivating symbiote? Whether it’s acrylic on canvas or straight-up digital art, nothing takes over the Tumblr-scape like the excitement around a film.

And, of course, what’s a film trailer without its trolls? Kevin James, that one guy who did those vague films, renamed the film Tom Hardy: The Movie.

Arachnophobia, be gone!

While the Spider-Man realm has us acclimating to the eight-legged freaks, Walt Disney animator Joshua Slice is adding an aww-factor to the critters through his creation, ‘Lucas the Spider’.

Based on a jumping spider meme, the tiny furball with a baby voice — courtesy Slice’s own nephew — entered the Internet space with wide eyes and twitching stumpy legs.

While the concept was brought to life late last year, little furry Lucas has been making new rounds on the Internet, making Slice’s YouTube channel reach 1 million subscribers, with the original Lucas the Spider video surpassing 7 million views, proving while films have a huge following, nothing is as universal as the cute side of the web.

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