Twitter's Take on Diversity Issues: Brings Martha Lane Fox and Hugh Johnston on-board

Twitter’s Take on Diversity Issues: Brings Martha Lane Fox and Hugh Johnston on-board

twitterThe latest step taken by the social networking service platform, Twitter, by recruiting new board members is being considered as a move to silence all the diversity and lack of innovation issues. Twitter recently announced that Martha Lane Fox, the co-founder of a travel website,, and PepsiCo’s CFO, Hugh Johnston have been appointed as the company’s board members.

Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, tweeted on the micro-blogging website about the appointments and the diversity front. “The other directors would be appointed soon,” posted Jack, as reported by NDTV. “The board members would be the ones that will bring diversity and represent the strong communities on Twitter.”

The company also disclosed that the appointment of the new members took place immediately as the previous board members, Peter Currie and Peter Chernin decided not to be a part of the re-election process. The term of the current board members is reported to expire at the company’s annual meeting in May.

Meanwhile, an analyst at Monness, Crepsi, Hardt & Co, James Cakmak commented on the new strategy followed by Twitter on the appointment of the two new board members. “You need greater turnover than just these two and ideally bring in some media figures,” said James, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. “Almost everybody needs to turn over, and these two are just a start.”

But Re/Code’s, Peter Kafka reported a different stance on the current move by the Twitter CEO. “If you are keeping track of the board’s demographics, as Dorsey does than you will note that it is now a bit more diversified, since it is replacing two white guys with one white man and one white woman,” reported New York Magazine.

Furthermore, DNA reported some details about Martha and Hugh.  Johnston has been the CFO at PepsiCo since March 2010. Whereas the 43-year-old co-founded the popular travel website and is the chairwoman of This organization is reported to promote the understanding and use of internet-enabled technologies. Also, Martha is a member of the UK House of Lords.

With all the diversity criticism, there are reports that Twitter has been facing many issues right from the start of this year. Fortune reported that the company lost several executives in the run-up to its quarterly earnings call. Also, recently in March, the company had to shell out cash bonuses and stock incentives in an effort to preserve its troubled workforce.

“The microblogging site has faced myriad problems over the past year, including a prolonged CEO search before it appointed Dorsey permanently in October,” reported EN Gadget. “In January, four top executives left the company shortly before it reported quarterly earnings in February when it said it had no growth in users for the first time since it went public.