Twitter sensation 'sad Papaw' hosts cookout in Oklahoma, hundreds attend

Twitter sensation ‘sad Papaw’ hosts cookout in Oklahoma, hundreds attend

Kenny Harmon, the ‘sad Papaw’ that broke hearts across the country on when only one of his grandchildren showed up to eat dinner with him, hosted a public cookout yesterday that hundreds of people attended.

Harmon became an Internet sensation when his granddaughter, Kelsey, tweeted a picture of her grandfather on March 16. She explained that he cooked a dozen burgers for his six grandchildren, but Kelsey, 19, was the only one that showed up. The sad expression on the Oklahoma grandfather’s face gathered international attention.

Kelsey’s tweet has been liked over 300,000 times.

Several hundred people met on Saturday in Purcell, OK, and paid $2 for a hamburger with Harmon.

People from across the country, and even some from Australia, stood in line to meet Harmon and buy t-shirts and hats that said, “I ate a burger with sad Papaw.”

“The theme that’s coming to me from almost everybody is their grandparents, their great grandparents, what they want to do now or what they wish they had done before,” Harmon said to a local news station.

Harmon also told the Daily Mail that he wasn’t quite as sad as the Internet thought.

“‘It was gonna be burger night, a get together with the grandkids. I wanted everybody to be there but I don’t get upset about things.”

He also explained that his son may have forgotten to tell his children about the original dinner. Harmon has three grown children and six adopted children.

Out of the six grandchildren, five showed up to yesterday’s event. Kelsey, who started the sensation, had to play in a college softball game and was not able to attend.