Tumblrinas Mad at Samurai Jack's Heterosexual Relationship

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Leaders may come and go, decades may pass, technology manufactured and turned to dust, but the shipping wars, the shipping wars never change.

At everyone’s favorite gender identity innovation factory, Tumblr.com, there lies a dark underbelly, the shippers. Some Tumblr users are absolutely obsessed with putting two fictional characters together into a romantic relationship. This relationship gets built up in their heads and reinforced with fan fiction and art. But all hell breaks lose when the plot of the television show, film or book takes a twist and makes the relationship impossible, also known as a shipwreck.

On last week’s episode of Samurai Jack (SPOILER WARNING), Jack and Ashi kissed, ending Tumblr expectations of a lesbian relationship for Ashi.


While Jack and Ashi are the two main characters, and the most logical to wind up together, many on Tumblr wanted Ashi and Flora to hook up.

“Who’s Flora?” you’re probably asking. Well, apparently Flora is one of the Scotsman’s daughters who had about two minutes of screen time in episode 5. Flora and Jashi have never come in contact so far this season, and there are only two episodes left.

The pro Jack/Ashi shippers became known as Jashis, while the Flora and Ashi ones, Florashis. Florashis attacked the Jashi ship for being pedophilic because Jack does not age and has been wandering the world for fifty years. Ashi is much younger but we don’t know her age. Some Tumblr folk claim Jack is most likely 70 and Jashi could be a teenager. I don’t know why the creator of the show would pointlessly include a pederastic romance, but what the hell do I know.

Some Jashi shippers took offense to the notion their ship was problematic and fired back, claiming the Florashi shippers only wanted their ship to sail because it was lesbian. They in turn were labelled homophobic.

The site is filled with page long screeds either rabidly defending or tearing down the heterosexual kiss. With only two episodes left there’s scant opportunity for a gay relationship to pan out and no likely major characters to do it.

It seems Samurai Jack can be added to the long completionist list of entertainment that offends Tumblr.


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