Tumblr reintroduces Replies, revamps Notes

Tumblr reintroduces Replies, revamps Notes

Blogging platform Tumblr has reintroduced the Replies feature and revamped Notes to encourage more users to engage with posts and other content on the site. The changes are set to roll out during the coming days and will make it easier for users to “follow the conversation,” according to Tumblr.

Increased functionality

Replies was initially axed late last year as Tumblr renewed its focus on mobile and web instant messaging. This meant that users were only able to converse via private chats. Tumblr responded to concerns about the lack of replies and commenting back in February, when it revealed that Replies was undergoing a revamp so that it could fit more seamlessly with its other message-like systems such as Asks and Fan Mail.

The new Replies feature will offer additional functionality as users will now finally be able to reply to their own posts, reply multiple times to a specific post and see every reply for a post in one convenient location. Users can also enter the blog settings to decide who is able to reply to the content they have created and choose a “Safe Mode” so only followers can reply to posts. Previously, Replies was a one-way dialogue system, but it will now be more conversational.

Follow the conversation

The second major change is the arrival of a redesigned Notes section. Notes was originally designed to present a long list of “Interactions” showing every user who had liked or reblogged a post, but it was frustrating to find comments as users had to scroll through the entire list. The new design will prioritise Replies and Reblogs with comments and condense the non-conversational commentary into a horizontal list.

Both changes aim to make it easier to read and engage in conversations for posted content. They are also part of Tumblr’s plans to make the platform more attractive to advertisers. Tumblr recently removed a significant barrier for buying ads by allowing “blogless” sponsored posts, which enable marketers to use sponsored posts in dashboards and user feeds.

“If you’ve been waiting for this, thanks for your patience,” Tumblr added in a blog post. “If you’re new to replies, come discover their unique flavour. Spicier than a like, sweeter than a reblog, served on a big family-style platter. All part of a balanced diet. Have fun replying, Tumblr.”