Tumblr Brings Back Replies With Some Upgrades, Redesigns Notes View

Tumblr Brings Back Replies With Some Upgrades, Redesigns Notes View


(Photo : FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images) Tumblr removed Replies from the site back in October but stated that it was getting an upgrade.

On Monday, Tumblr officially announced that replies is coming back to the blogging site, along with some new features.

Tumblr removed replies back in October, and this action was met with unhappy responses from users.

David Karp, the site’s founder, addressed in a post that replies were too limited and were barely used. However, Karp promised that the feature will be upgraded.

The reply button will now be present once again in Tumblr posts, and users will be able to contact the author like before.

Users will be able to reply to a single post as many times as they want, and this will also work for reblogs and not just for original posts.

In addition, replies are more conversational, and the author will also be able to reply to their own posts.

There are three settings for Replies: users can let everyone reply to their posts, only their followers can reply or only those who have been following them for at least a week will be able to reply.

The presence of Safe Mode allows users to only allows replies from people they follow, according to TechCrunch.

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“All of that adds up to being able to talk about a post, right inside of a post, even as it travels from Tumblr to Tumblr,” the site’s staff announced on its official blog. “So, starting with posts created today, you’ll see a new notes view to help you follow that conversation.”

Previously, a post’s notes is a mixture of all the reblogs, likes and comments.

With the latest upgrades of the blogging site, the notes view now lists all the comments contributed by followers, much like a messaging thread.

This would make it easier for everyone to follow conversations and interactions.

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The blogging site says that the new features have already begun rolling out, and users will soon see the upgrades.

Tumblr, which was acquired by Yahoo in 2013, has been making strides in adding new features to the site. Most recently, it added threaded instant messaging for its site and mobile app.