Red Wings' Twitter remembers brawl with yearly shot at Claude Lemieux

Red Wings’ Twitter remembers brawl with yearly shot at Claude Lemieux

Imagine the most intense rivalry in the NHL today. Two teams that simply do not like each other, always play tough, physical games, and probably drop the gloves from time to time.

Maybe the Ducks and Kings based on their games this season? Penguins-Flyers? Rangers-Islanders? Whoever you choose, it doesn’t really matter because if you take the intensity of whatever current rivalry you like and multiply it by about 100, you might start to get close to what the Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche had in the 1990s and early 2000s.

They were two of the best teams in the league, were constantly competing for the Stanley Cup, and because of things that took place on the the intensity was always off the charts.

Their meetings in the late 90s were some of the wildest hockey games the league has seen in decades and had a tendency to erupt into complete brawls. Perhaps the biggest of the bunch came on March 26, 1997, when the Red Wings were out for revenge on Claude Lemieux after a hit during the previous year’s playoffs on Kris Draper (the one that resulted in that classic Dino Ciccarelli quote after the series).

The game was complete madness, not only because it was a 6-5 Red Wings win in overtime, but because all of this happened.

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Obviously, with Saturday being the 19th anniversary of that game, the Red Wings’ Twitter account decided to take their yearly walk down memory lane with another shot at Lemieux.


And it’s not the first time they’ve gone down this path, either, sending similar messages in 2013 and 2014.

The rivalry has cooled considerably over the years, especially now that the teams are in different conferences and all of the players involved in those games retired years ago, but the emotions are obviously still pretty high when it comes to the old days.