Pinterest has a new CTO, is incorporating new visual search features to lens

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One of world’s most popular visual tools, Pinterest is planning to roll out new updates for its live camera search feature — Lens, with the help of which, the service will be able to isolate different parts of the image and then search them individually.

Pinterest’s Visual Guides based on object detection is just another method by which the company tries to analyze what the user is actually looking to search for when they point their camera towards a real life object. Therefore, Pinterest’s ultimate aim is to help the user in hunting down a product and presenting them with with other things related to it as well, but now they are also trying to figure out as to what exactly are you looking for in the image.

The Lens tool became a part of Pinterest earlier this year, for the sake of attracting a broader user base who could simply point their cameras to any object and then gain access to a variety of ideas and products which are related to it in one way or the other. Pinterest’s central theme pivots around helping its users in finding new products like wearable or food recipes, so that those users may keep returning to the platform.

Pinterest has managed to create an active user base of 175 million users by being a completely different platform from Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat, which is incredible in itself.

Pinterst has some big plans and therefore some changes in the executive panel is obvious. Pinterest’s head of discovery engineering Vanja Josifovski has now been pronounced as new CTO of the company. Josifovski willl now be handling the technology (which is one of the most important departments for a company like Pinterest) that goes into making Pinterest products successful.

Pinerest has a aim of removing all the friction which prevents the users from delving into the service. Instead of taking the users directly to the service, it has released tools like Lens which enables them to get into deeper touch with reality. Pinterest is also coming up with ways to jump directly into the lens by  a force touch tap on the iPhone, so as to enjoy the core experience directly.

Some other additions in the service include a new ability of scanning QR codes- a feature which is prominent in apps like WeChat. All these updates are particularly crafted to enhance our day to day experience and contrubute to adding more and more new users to the service. In this way it acts as a perfect search result for the users who are looking for an alternative to Instagram or Facebook. However, the company still has a long way to go before it enters the mainstream market like Facebook or Google.