PINS: Hacking my life, one pin at a time

PINS: Hacking my life, one pin at a time

Obviously, for time constraints and practical reasons (I don’t have a kid, so converting a crib into a desk isn’t something I’d do), I didn’t do all 99, but I tried a handful of them that looked intriguing to me.

I also intentionally skipped a few I couldn’t wrap my head around. For example, I can’t think of a point where I would ever want to put my beverage inside of a (probably) stinky tennis shoe instead of a cupholder or someone’s hands. Luckily, my car is loaded with all the cupholders I could ever want.

The results

Pizza seat warmer: When you buy a new car in the Upper Midwest, you typically go for one that has seat warmers. If you’re picking up a nice, hot pizza to bring home after work one day, this pin suggests you set it in your passenger seat and turn up the warmer so it stays toasty until you can dig into it. I actually figured out this hack on my own a few months ago, and it really works quite well.

Single-sided toast: If you want your bread for a sandwich to only be toasty on one side, stick both pieces in one slot in your toaster as this post suggests. Of course, this won’t work for a thicker bread, but it works perfectly for a thinly sliced bread.

Wrapped up wrapping paper: The pin suggests taking an empty toilet paper roll and putting it around a roll of wrapping paper to keep it from unspooling. I tried it out, and it seems to be keeping my paper in place, but I’m not convinced it’s necessary, as I am already storing it in a closet where it won’t roll out too easily.

Plastic opener: Plastic blister packs are some of the worst inventions when it comes to ease of use. I’m sure they’re very safe for use around kids or to prevent theft in stores, but the amount of time and effort it takes to get the packaging open can be ridiculously frustrating. The hacks pin suggests using your old-fashioned can opener to simply slice through the packaging. I tried it on a package of button batteries, and this one was a Pinterest fail. The can opener couldn’t get past the blister part of the packaging, so I opted to use a pair of scissors instead.

A spoon stopper: I’d heard before of the magical powers of a wooden spoon in stopping a pot from boiling over onto your stovetop. I finally tried it after seeing it in this pin, and I am happy to say it worked.

TV (or DVR) charger: Apparently, modern TVs with USB ports can double as charging devices for cell phones, an especially useful tip if you’re traveling overseas and don’t have an adapter for your normal wall charger, according to the hacks pin. Neither of my TVs have USB ports, but my DVR does, and it charged my phone just as quickly as the wall charger would.

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