Personal sharing on Facebook has declined and the company is worried: Report

Personal sharing on Facebook has declined and the company is worried: Report

One of the most popular social networking website Facebook, is now reportedly seeing a drop in original content sharing on its news feed, which is potentially a major concern for the company.

A report by The Information has stated that posts about public information like news articles dropped 21 percent year over year as of mid-2015. Overall sharing reportedly fell 5.5 percent from mid-2014 to mid-2015 as well.

It is being said that as the social networking site becomes older, users have become less inclined to share updates on their lives even as their list of friends and acquaintances continues to swell. Facebook also made a comment to The Information saying, “People continue to share a ton on Facebook; the overall level of sharing has remained not only strong, but similar to levels in prior years.”

Facebook also has a dedicated team in place called context collapse, which is working on finding methods and ways on how to tackle the major decline. Company CEO has also spoken about inspiring personal sharing at staff meetings in 2016, according to people familiar with the matter.

Facebook has also officially announced a suite of tools designed to help Facebook users more easily communicate with businesses using Messenger. Now, businesses will be able to see their Facebook Page usernames being heavily promoted across the website, and Facebook will offer new ways to communicate with them such as Messenger Links, which are short URLs, and scannable Messenger Codes. These features are said to roll out in the “coming weeks.”

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