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New Fifth Harmony: What is 'The Life'

New Fifth Harmony: What is ‘The Life’

On March 24th, not only did Fifth Harmony have an incredible performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, they also put out a new song! 

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The five beautiful ladies of Fifth Harmony (also known as 5H) are really stepping it up with their new music. The tunes they’ve released so far are BANGERS! This brand new song is a BOP, like no joke. It’s something completely different than what we are used to hearing from these pop goddesses!

Do you ever just feel like your life is exactly where you want it to be?

You’ve been pushing, striving, working, and you’re finally content with everything. Well if you do, I got the perfect song for you! The Life by 5H is everything I just described and MORE. It will have you moving and grooving to the beat. Adventure is literally screaming your name as you’re listening to it. You’ll want to jump in the car with a bunch of your homies and just drive somewhere, windows down –no cares, no worries — with this song on repeat. I’m telling y’all that it’s incredible! It’s pretty much #relatable, especially with its catchy tune. It is the PERFECT kickback jam!

Known for their hit songs, Sledgehammer and Worth It (from their debut album, Reflection), these girls never disappoint!  Their new album, 7/27 (which will be released on May 20th) will BE SO DAMN GOOD. I PROMISE. YOU AREN’T READY!

I’m sure the first thing you think of when you hear someone talking about Fifth Harmony is “aren’t they the five girls who sing?” WELL YOU WON’T JUST BE THINKING THAT ANYMORE! After their first single, Work from Home, off the new album came out, I didn’t think it would get any better than that, and guess what, it did! With Work from Home killing it on the charts recently, and The Life just coming out and getting amazing feedback, there’s no way this album won’t be #1 when it’s released. They won’t just be “five girls who can sing” anymore. When you hear their name you’re gonna think, “these are the five wonderful, strong women who spread love and positivity through their music”! At least, that’s how I feel listening to their music. You could definitely feel that way too if you give them a chance! These girls are truly amazing and their music says it all.

Check out The Life and pre-order the new album, 7/27 while you’re at it!