Netflix and Twitter execs donate to #BlackLivesMatter activist's mayoral campaign

Netflix and Twitter execs donate to #BlackLivesMatter activist’s mayoral campaign

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

#BlackLivesMatter’s most famous activist DeRay McKesson is polling at less than one percent in his Baltimore mayoral bid, and now some of his friends from the tech industry and Hollywood are stepping in to aid his fledgling campaign.

Fortune reported that tech executives from Twitter, Netflix, and Slack, as well as actresses Rashida Jones and Susan Sarandon, donated tens of thousands of dollars to the activist.

While many actors in Hollywood are more famous for their political activism than for their movies, the tech industry is often criticized for lacking diversity.

Netflix’s and Twitter’s combined $12,000 donation is a drop in the bucket for the executives, but could help shore up good public relations about their support for minority political organizations like Black Lives Matter.

David Z. Morris of Fortune also speculated that the tech executives could stand to gain if an important social media celebrity were to transition into public office. It would solidify social media as a platform to not only start a national debate, but also to elect future leaders.