LinkedIn's first member in KSA shares his advice

Abdulaziz Al-Ghufaili

The first ever member to join LinkedIn from Saudi Arabia is Abdulaziz Al-Ghufaili, now a senior vice president in Mobily. From starting work as a Programmer Analyst in the manufacturing sector back in the year 2000 to a Senior Vice President at a telecommunications firm now, Al-Ghufaili has come a long way, gathering extensive experience through his work and his connections on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network that has grown to 500 million members globally.

LinkedIn is particularly effective in helping professionals gain opportunities and stand out in the selection and recruitment process at all levels right from entry/early careers to in executive/senior level,” says Al-Ghufaili.

Sharing some valuable tips for professionals who are just starting their careers or job seekers looking for a change in career, Al-Ghufaili lists down top 3 lessons he has learnt in his career journey:

1. Always dare to be honest even if you are at the risk of being unpopular at the particular moment you are going through.

2.  Go for very challenging assignments or the ones with high risks of failure. Volunteer for such assignment if you have to. In due time, the pay-off will be significantly high.

3. Always concentrate on ‘Plan A’. The moment you start contemplating ‘Plan B’, your focus would be impacted. Going for ‘Plan A’ would take a lot of efforts, cunningness, resourcefulness (not to mention sleepless nights and long weekends at the office), but it pays off at the end.

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