It's time to shake out the Twitter cage, 140 characters at a time

It’s time to shake out the Twitter cage, 140 characters at a time

Rob Gronkowski arrives at the Kids' Choice Awards at The Forum on Saturday, March 12, 2016, in Inglewood, Calif. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Jordan Strauss/Invision/Associated Press

Is it possible to be happier than Rob Gronkowski?

Time again to shake out the 140-character Twitter cage, while awaiting word on whether Boston College will make room in the trophy case when Doug Flutie brings the Mirror Ball home to The Heights. #hailproudmary

■ Exactly how much money will it take to make Gronk happy? The man is a smiling big box store. Is it possible to be happier than Gronk?

■ Pablo Sandoval needs to rest his bad back. Brace yourself, Sox fans, this is headed downhill faster, and pricier, than Mo Vaughn.

■ Female TV reporters hooking up with Sox personnel compromised themselves, other females, all reporters of all genders.

■ Joe Garagiola was the summer hammock and tall lemonade of the broadcast booth, encouraging us to hang around the full nine innings.

■ Ah, of course. Jerry Jones completed his neurological rotation at Trump University Med School. #concussed

■ Record will show BC women’s hockey team went 40-1, lost NCAA title game to Minnesota. Numbers can’t reflect their abundant dignity in defeat.

■ Let your imagination run wild, and the Leafs next fall will have a line of Jimmy Vesey, Auston Matthews, and Steven Stamkos.

■ Sidelined for saying Hillary Clinton “should be buried under a jail,’’ Curt Schilling is back with ESPN and all is A-OK. That’s how TV rolls.

■ For years leading to his death, ex-Pat Kevin Turner, 46, believed football factored in his ALS. Great game. Ever harder to watch.

■ Lou Gehrig was 17 days shy of his 38th birthday when he died of ALS in June ’41.

■ Friends in seven Canadian cities disagree it’s easy to make the NHL playoffs. Their seven DNQ teams last week stood 211-248-54.

■ Of 31 head coaches at BC, every one of them is white. In Boston. In 2016. At a college that preaches Jesuit awareness. #fail

■ Live racing suffered a long, painful death at Suffolk Downs. The protracted casino shenanigans make its passing even sadder.

■ Fenway Park is about to celebrate its 104th birthday. Not comfy. Not cozy. Exterior an architectural junkyard. But we love it.

■ Bruins will hit season ticket-holders with a surcharge in ’16-’17 if they want their tickets printed. How is one a “holder’’ with no tickets to hold?

■ LeBron James stopped following the Cavaliers on Twitter. Big deal, I guess. Bigger had King James followed David Blatt as coach.

■ New England colleges accounted for 8 of the 16 teams in the NCAA Div. 1 hockey tourney. Forgotten orphans amid March Madness.

■ In my youth football league, the ball would be snapped with all players standing at scrimmage. Start there.

■ A good bat flip here and there, fine for MLB. But a little goes a long way. NFL’s simian-like chest thumping has become visual litter.

■ He won’t garner widespread consideration, but Patrice Bergeron is a legit candidate for NHL MVP this year.

■ Garagiola and Yogi Berra were born nine months apart in St. Louis. Each lived to age 90, died only six months apart.

■ If Chandler Jones didn’t know he was finished here the second he babbled his way into Foxboro PD, he must have been on something.

■ Maria Sharapova took meldonium for years, she said, to help ward off diabetes. Meanwhile, she built out her “Sugarapova” candy company.

■ Fifty years ago this spring, Bobby Orr and Wayne Cashman wrapped up their junior careers in Oshawa. Then things got interesting.

■ The USFL was Donald Trump’s version of making football great again. Sure turned out boffo for the NFL. #yuuge

■ Nice watch the Bruins gave coach Claude Julien Thursday. Shoulda given entire roster matching alarm clocks.

■ Ronda Rousey might want to stick with action flicks after seeing Miesha Tate choke the DNA out of Holly Holm.

■ Sure, NFL owners will rally to help Krafts claw back draft picks. Would the fanboys who drive this narrative please identify yourselves.

■ You don’t have to be a golf fan to feel the hit when Arnold Palmer says it’s time to step aside as honorary starter at the Masters.

■ The Sox rotation is still counting on Clay Buchholz, which is OK, until maybe, oh, June or July.

■ Answer: a million pieces. Question: 10 years from now, what happens when they hand Gronk the Mirror Ball?

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