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Is Ignoring My Ex Girlfriend the Way to Get Her Back? Why This Works So Well

"Should I be ignoring my ex girlfriend if I want to get her back?" That's becoming an increasingly popular question among men who've been dumped. You'll do just about anything to get back the woman you love and you probably would not stop short of begging, crying or even a little bribery. Luckily you do not have to resort to such tactics. Ignoring her is actually all it takes if done in a very specific way. You need to give this a try now if you are intent on getting another chance with your girlfriend.

There are several steps you have to follow if you want to ignore your ex girlfriend the right way. The first step is all about laying the right foundation. You need to express to her that you're okay with the end of the relationship. You do not need to pretend as though it's the best thing that's ever happened to you. Just let her know that you can now see the value in breaking up and at the same time wish her well.

Your demeanor while you're doing this is incredibly important. If you are crying or you look as though you're not completely genuine, she'll know that you're being insincere. Be calm and be very direct. Smile and tell her that all you want is for her to find the happiness she deserves. Although she may still doubt whether you mean it or not, you've done your work by telling her that you're essentially moving forward.

This is when the ignoring your ex girlfriend part comes into play. You have to be diligent about this. You can not sneak in the occasional text message asking how she is. You also can not enlist the help of friends to tell you what's going on with your ex. You have to completely and unilaterally cut her out of your life for several weeks. This means you avoid her at all costs. Forget her phone number and stay blocks away from her home and work place. Do what you can to focus on anything but her. Each day that passes this will become easier and easier.

The idea of ​​creating a void in her life by ignoring her is not a new one. Men have been doing it for years. Those that have been successful have found that it has amazing results. Once she misses you and realizes that you're not waiting in the wings for her to take you back, she'll come back. Give it a chance and see for yourself.

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