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'Ill health cannot impede our spirit'

‘Ill health cannot impede our spirit’

NAVI MUMBAI: Ill health should not deter one from doing good, is the motto that Inacin Mathias and Lolita D’Souza live by. These two women are determined that their poor health does not interfere in their determination to ensure that poor children are not left unhappy this Easter.

Undergoing a major operation has not deterred Mathias from her charity work.

She continues her work from home, even though she is unable to move.

“When you are inclined to do good for the needy and poor, your ill health should never discourage you from fulfilling your intention,” said this Seawoods resident.

Mathias cannot move around or stand for long periods of time. But she collected her little daughter Fae’s clothes, toys and her extra gifts and asked her husband to buy stationery and story books and arranged for these Easter goodies, chocolates to be sent to the needy children living in nearby slums.

“Even these children look forward for these gifts on the occasion of Easter like my daughter,” she said.

Mathias sent her daughter Fae to distribute the gifts among the poor children and also arranged rations for poor families.

She regularly donates to the underprivileged people and this year, too, her ill health could not hamper her spirit.

Similarly Lolita D’Souza, a middle-aged woman from Panvel, could not join in the festive spirit due to her ill health. But she still managed to arrange gifts for the underprivileged children who live nearby. “I bought confectioneries and nice gifts for the needy children and my husband distributed the gifts among the poor children,” she said.