Hot home design trends aren't forever

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Most homeowners are strongly influenced by the latest cool interior and exterior trends in home design. If reasonably priced and relatively easy to execute, they can do wonders for our psyches. They can enrich our lives, boost our moods and fire our creativity.

The Los Angeles Times just published Pinterest’s — the online visual-bookmarking website — prediction of 100 design and lifestyle trends that are expected to rock our world in the year ahead. Some of them are innovative, look great and practically speaking, make sense.

For example, here are few of them:


Pronounced hoo-ga, meaning cosiness, but it’s much more than that, according to its aficionados. It can be likened to an inspired cosiness that is about the art of creating intimacy. For example, imagine cosy, colourful throw pillows and blankets, slow-burning candles and simple comforts.


For under $400, a simple minimalist nightstand can enhance, even transform a bedroom.

Indoor plants

As I said in a prior column, the right indoor plants strategically placed according to their light requirements can enliven a home with beauty; it can also transform moods, especially during long, bleak winters. As Pinterest said, climbing vines and potted plants can add life to any interior. All it takes is TLC to see impressive results.


The gorgeous metal with a distinguished past has never gone out of style. Now designers, however, are saying that copper can create a warm, elegant, burnished look for your home.

Moody blues

Paint manufacturers are departing from last year’s white-on-white slick interiors and are pushing what they call moody blues, and rich, dark, warm colours.

Heated floors

This is not an inexpensive project, but radiant heat installed beneath flooring adds special warmth to a home. Besides keeping our feet warm, it also provides an environmentally conscious alternative, according to Pinterest. It’s especially comforting when installed under a master bedroom’s concrete flooring.

Lucite furnishings

Clear Lucite furniture and accessories create style and are especially attractive in small spaces.

Farmhouse chic

The rustic look has never gone out of style. However, more homeowners are appreciating natural materials’ simplicity and country-inspired elegance, according to Pinterest. Warm wood walls and comfortable, yet simply designed furniture create a warm homey feeling.

Just as design trends can be cool, liberating, new and exciting, it’s only a matter of time before they become old, yesterday and limiting. What was once new and exciting becomes stale and restrictive.

The solution? Don’t avoid new trends, but realize from the onset that they’re time sensitive, although it’s impossible to put a timeline on a trend. They could last a couple of years, even a decade or more. But they will end or slowly fade away. What then? It’s something to think about.

I’ve discovered that it’s a bad idea letting a trend dominate your entire home. Instead, why not combine the old with the new.