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Google ranked best place to work in Israel

The Google search giant was crowned as the best company to work for in Israel, according to the business information group Coface-BDI in rankings published Sunday.

The internet behemoth, which has offices in Tel Aviv and Haifa, surpassed the Israel Electric Corporation, which had topped the list for the past four years but dropped to number two.

Intel, Teva and Bank Leumi earned the third, fourth and fifth spots respectively.

Six of the top 10 companies and 38 out of the total list of 100 were in the field of high-tech and technology.

Those surveyed said that the most important parameter contributing to their job satisfaction was salary and conditions, followed by employer relations and professional challenges. Job security was only the fourth most important factor according to the poll.

Google headquarters in New York City (Serge Attal/FLASH90)

One of the authors of the study said that despite the fact that many employers tout their flexibility in work hours, trips abroad, ability to work from home and other perks, the workers they spoke to did not see those as making a position more attractive.

Less than 15 percent of workers would rather earn less and be able to spend more time at home.

This is the 13th such annual study by the group, in which tens of thousands workers in major Israeli companies told researchers about how they felt about their jobs and careers.

Workers were questioned about salary levels, their perception of their chances for advancement, how they felt their employers were treating them, job security, commuting distance and more.

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