Friends From College Proves That Weddings Aren't Actually Pinterest Fairytales

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Paul admits to loving Ethan’s critically-acclaimed, but little-read, novels. That’s when Ethan has to admit he’s left his so-called “serious” writing career behind to write young adult novels “for children,” according to a shady Sam. Despite the fact YA is actually an amazing and intelligent genre, the confession is meant to shame Ethan. It does. Things only get worse as Ethan becomes increasingly jealous of how much Sam, and the rest of the wedding, are enamored with Party Dog. While “Fun Ethan’s” screeching gets little love, the entire party can’t wait to howl in support of The Dog. This pushes Ethan to smash a glass into his romantic rival’s Champagne flute, shattering everything and cutting his hand open. After Dr. Dog patches up his hand, Ethan hops up on a glowing cube in the middle of the dance floor as a cry for attention. Of course, it breaks. Ethan throws a man on to the floor, ruins the cake, and the celebratory balloons prematurely fall on him. The final straw comes when Paul says he’s interested in rekindling his relationship with a married Sam, which further freaks Ethan out. Party Dog notices his former classmate’s deteriorating mental stability and calls him out on it, saying Ethan is acting like a jealous “baby,” because he is.