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Fifth Harmony release new 7/27 track 'The Life'

Fifth Harmony release new 7/27 track ‘The Life’

Fifth Harmony

​Fifth Harmony’s 7/27 album’s out on May 20th aka pretty bloody soon; but since they know we’re well impatient they’ve only gone and treated our general eardrum area to ‘The Life;’ a brand spankin’ new tune taken from it.

Obviously we’re still properly obsessed with ‘Work From Home’ but Camila, Lauren, Normani, Dinah Jane and Ally thought they’d show off a different side to the album by chucking this one out a bit early. Oh, and it’s an absolute bop.

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If you click the fancy little Spotify box thing above you’ll hear the girls – who are finally heading back to the UK next month – yappin’ on about hanging on the beach in Dubai sipping on Mai Tai and all that. Meanwhile, we’re hanging round ASDA car park sipping an own brand Diet Coke.

This is the li-li-life indeed.

In further news 5H performed their current smash single ‘Work From Home’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other day and it was essentially a health and safety nightmare in the eyes of anyone in the construction business.

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Whatchoo doin’ on that digger, Normani babes?

What d’ya think of ‘The Life,’ then? Tweet us over @sugarscape and JOIN THE DISCUSSION. Gracias.


Fifth Harmony
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Fifth Harmony
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