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Fifth Harmony Drops New Single 'The Life' from '7/27' Album

Fifth Harmony Drops New Single ‘The Life’ from ‘7/27’ Album

Guys! Our five favorite ladies have dropped a new single! That’s right, Fifth Harmony released another song from their highly anticipated “7/27” album. The song is called, “The Life,” and we’ve listened to it 57 times; clearly we’re fans of the jam. If you’re looking for your official summer anthem, we’ve got a feeling this may be it. “This Life” features a super catchy EDM beat, one that 5H hasn’t tried out yet, but we are really digging it so far. Keep it up, girls! 

Believe it or not, summer is just a few short months away, so it is time to start strategically planning out a bomb summer playlist. While we all have different tastes, this is one song that will fit nicely on everyone’s summer lineup.

The girls are dropping hits like no other, and “The Life,” is no exception. When we first heard the song, we were hanging out at the Hollywire office, and instantly broke out into a mini work dance party. This song is perfect for any occasion; from hanging out at the beach with friends to cruising down the highway in your car, to your routine morning workout. Regardless of the situation, this song will make it 10x cooler.

Take a listen for yourself…

Love it? Knew it. Don’t be surprised if you put “The Life” on repeat for the next few days, or until summer 2016 ends. Don’t worry, we won’t judge, this is TOTALLY acceptable.

This song, as well as recently released single “Work From Home,” will be featured on Fifth Harmony’s upcoming album, 7/27, which is expected to drop on May 20th.  This will be Fifth Harmony’s second studio album, and we are officially preparing our ears for some 5H gold.

What do you think of “This Life” Summer jam worthy? Let us know in the comments!