Facebook Will Not Be Completely Ditching BlackBerry After All

Facebook Will Not Be Completely Ditching BlackBerry After All


Facebook recently announced that it was killing support for the native BlackBerry 10 application on March 31st. It was leaving the Canadian company’s software platform as it struggles to become relevant in the very competitive smartphone market. That didn’t go well with BB10 owners and the company has managed to convince Facebook to not give up on its platform, as a result of which Facebook isn’t going to be ditching BlackBerry completely for now.

“Facebook will continue to support BlackBerry 10 and BBOS,” reveals BlackBerry in a post on its official blog, the experience is going to be slightly different though as Facebook is going to provide a web-based version of its app for BB10. BlackBerry says that users will get the same Facebook features as they did in the native app.

Facebook has recently been reducing support for mobile platforms that no longer remain major players in the market. WhatsApp is already set to ditch BlackBerry later this year and an official Instagram app was never even released for BlackBerry 10.

It remains to be seen though how long Facebook keeps the web-based app around, given that CEO Mark Zuckerberg once said that his company’s early focus on web-based apps was one of his “biggest mistakes.”

Still, for BlackBerry 10 users, a web-based app is better than no app at all.

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