Facebook releases updates to Messenger chat platform

Facebook releases updates to Messenger chat platform

Facebook says 900 million people are using its direct message feature, Messenger, every month.

And more and more, people are using Messenger to connect with and ask questions of businesses’ products and services.

More than one billion messages are sent between people and businesses on Messenger each month, according to Facebook.

Here’s a sampling of some new tools Facebook is rolling out to make connecting easier:

Businesses with Facebook pages will soon be able to set a unique username that will make it easier for customers to find them and connect. The username will show up under the page title with an @ symbol before it.  


Messenger Links was introduced this week.

According to Facebook, businesses can use links to make it easier for consumers to start a message thread with them.

Messenger Links use a Page’s username to create a short and memorable link (m.me/username) that, when clicked, opens a conversation with the business in Messenger, according to Facebook.

There’s also Messenger Codes that users can scan in Messenger using their cell phone cameras. These codes open a thread with the business.

Businesses can also create customizable greetings that appear after consumers’ message them.