Facebook looks to crack down on knock-off clothing advertisers

Facebook looks to crack down on knock-off clothing advertisers

Ahh, exactly right. Just what she wanted.


Ahh, exactly right. Just what she wanted.

Targeted advertising on Facebook can be insulting and depressing, but it’s also often selling a poor-quality product. 

Groups like Knock Off Nightmares and Brides Beware give women a place to share their disappointing experiences, but according to a BuzzFeed investigation, the problem goes a lot deeper. 

At least the print was pretty close.

Posted by Knock Off Nightmares on  Monday, 15 February 2016

Pages like DressLily, RoseGal, Zaful and SammyDress look like they belong to separate companies, but many of them are connected to a single Chinese e-commerce site, BuzzFeed reports. 

Trading under all those names, their agendas are similar: they sell very cheap versions of clothes that already exist, alongside images of those original items. 

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They’re knock offs, and the difference in quality can be staggering. Due to their huge Facebook reach, though, they sell. RoseGal has over 8 million followers, and that lends them a veneer of legitimacy. When people order the low-cost clothes, and get items which are laughably dissimilar to those pictured, they’re shocked. 

From twinkledeals.com – Ladies, if a dress is less than $20 with free shipping to your country, where do you think they…

Posted by Knock Off Nightmares on  Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Ad Feedback

“They use a pretty prolific advertising mechanism with Facebook, and in terms of Facebook’s own responsibility for that, they sort of have thrown up their hands and said, ‘We don’t really have anything to do with our advertisers as long as they’re following our policies,'” marketing consultant Jasmine Griffeth told BuzzFeed

Those policies could be about to change, though. Andrew Bosworth, Facebook VP of Ads and Pages, told BuzzFeed that the quality of ads presented was very important to the company. 

RoseWe, let us count the ways….1. The neckline is wrong 2. The lace on the arms is crowded into the area from elbow…

Posted by Knock Off Nightmares on  Tuesday, 8 March 2016

” We understand the gravity of this issue and we’re taking it very seriously. We’re looking at ways to incorporate new signals that will help us identify which of the over 50 million active businesses on our platform are delivering products and services that are overwhelmingly unsatisfactory to people,” he said. 

“It’s a complex problem, but we are working on it and will do everything we can to make sure people trust and enjoy the content they see on Facebook.” 

We’re thinking in the mean time it’s caveat emptor. If something seems like too good of a deal, give it a miss. 

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