Facebook 'Live' goes live

Facebook ‘Live’ goes live

MENLO PARK, Calif. (NBC News) — Facebook Live went live to users this week.
The live-streaming feature essentially allows anyone to broadcast video live video from their smartphone.
It’s the expansion of a feature previously offered only to verified users and celebrities.
Now anyone with the Facebook app can just click the live button and start a live video feed. 
Followers can tune in and even interact along the way.
“Facebook is definitely taking a run at Periscope,” says Re/code Senior Editor Kurt Wagner.  
Periscope has a one year headstart, and features similar to Facebook Live.  Meerkat and Snapchat are two other established video streaming rivals, but Facebook may already have an edge.
“Facebook has massive reach that a lot of people can’t replicate so that’s probably their best advantage,” Wagner says. 
Facebook is hoping the simplicity will encourage its billion plus daily users to stream often.

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