Facebook Inc's (FB) F8 Conference: What To Expect

Facebook Inc’s (FB) F8 Conference: What To Expect

Facebook Inc.’s (NASDAQ:FB) F8 Conference is to be held on April 12 and 13 at the Fort Mason Centre, San Francisco. The next phase in the development of the company will be discussed at the event kicking off tomorrow, with executives and developers alike putting forward their vision for the company under the same roof.

Even if we’re a little scarce on the details provided by Facebook itself regarding the F8 Conference, we can point towards a few subjects and say that these will definitely be topics of much discussion at the event.

First off is Messenger. Facebook is widely touted to introduce new chat-bots and APIs for the platform at the F8 Conference which will help enhance its effectiveness. Additional plugins to help businesses tap into Messenger’s potential are also rumored to be introduced at the event, which will help position the messaging service as the optimal platform for all businesses and services to interact with the customers.

Since news surfaced about developers already having access to a secret SDK, it only makes sense for Facebook to introduce more bots which would provide services of all types to the customers. Businesses have a lot to gain from the platform due to its ever-increasing user base. What’s not to like for anyone!

Next is Facebook videos. At least two sessions have been listed for the Conference when Facebook will highlight how its video platform can be optimized for virtual reality, and how to make better use of the features in their apps and services. Recent changes made to Facebook Videos highlights the renewed importance that the company now places on the service, on which more word is expected at F8. Especially with regards to the utilization of Video on 360-degree and virtual reality platforms.

Finally, we have Instant Articles. Facebook hopes to open up Instant Articles to all developers and publishers, in a bid to increase its outreach, and allow the social network to host all content itself. Facebook’s Instant Articles is rivaled by Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, which also allows for native hosting of content. Instant Articles presents that content on the arguably the biggest social network currently, which lends it a certain advantage. Facebook would certainly want to build on that.

F8 should see the company discuss all options to capitalize on its features better than they are doing so right now. It includes all that Facebook and Messenger have to offer, plus the Oculus Rift branch to go with it. However, seeing as Facebook has not let anything slip about the event so far, you are tempted to think that they might be looking to pull a rabbit out of the hat this Tuesday.