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Does The Law of Attraction Really Work?

There's been a lot of buzz lately about the Law of Attraction (LOA). I learned about it from watching the movie "The Secret", as did many other people. I wanted to offer my own interpretation of this law and help others to understand how it effects us. When learning about a subject it always good to get different viewpoints from those who have a knowledge about it. We respond to information in different ways and may not see the whole picture otherwise.

Seems like many people have the idea that the Law of Attraction does not work for them or it only works some of the time. The truth is it is always working – Yes all the time. The LOA gives us our experiences based on our thoughts and feelings. As long as we have thoughts running through our head we are experiencing the LOA and creating our realities to some degree. If you focus good things, good things will come. If you focus on bad things, bad things will come. Makes sense?

This is the best illustration that I have come across to explain what is going on here. Each one of us is like our own radio transmission tower. Our thoughts and feelings are the signals that we are giving off constantly, moment by moment. The LOA responds to these signals and gives us exactly what we are transmitting.

Another good example is that the LOA is a universal law just like the Law of Gravity. Does gravity ever stop working here on earth? I have never experienced it not working. With the LOA, we think it's not working because we do not see the results that we were looking for. If we are all mixed up or not 100% sure about what we want, then it can not bring us the results we are after. Most people don not know what they really want, only what they think they want or what they see others getting.

It's best to analyze what you are thinking and feeling at each moment and see what signals you are really putting out there.

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