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Crack a Joke, Go Home with a Girl!

I realized the strength of humor last month, as I was sitting in a cafe, next to a very attractive female. We actually exchanged a few simple greetings, and I was wondering if I should or should not carry on the conversation, and then what I should say and so forth. I thought about saying something funny, but what I did not know. Well, while I was pondering these thoughts, I realized the guy on the other side of her started talking to the babe, just non-chalant things, but he kept it up off and on through the 35 minutes he was there. And he was not saying anything clever or important or profit. But what I did notice, was that he was making her laugh at various intervals. It's as if he knew exactly when to spring a joke, and he used these little jokes as springboards to get from point A to the ultimate point B, with absolute ease. He walked away with her phone number, and three days later I saw them hand in hand. He scored big time. The guy was inferior to me in many ways, looks, build, etc. Yet I had to admit, he could out score me any day of the week. His humor brought him up from (a scale of 1-10) a 3 to literally a 6 or 7. Meanwhile my inaction and lack of humor bought me straight down to a pathetic 1 or 2.

Since that wake up call, I've been practicing my humor in regards to getting girls and have come up with three main areas / ideas that are excellent starting points to work with.

1. Easy jokes. Find three to four easy jokes to practice. These should not be "difficult" or even overly humorous. Actually the more humble and simple the better, I've found. Too funny, and your being too obvious. Practice saying these jokes in an improvised manner, off the cuff.

2. Reflex skills. Pay attention and research quick reflex jokes. That is, jokes or humorous lines you can use in response to a certain line or situation. These jokes are practically asking to be delivered, since the set up is already taken care of. Thus they will seem more improvised and clever, and can open the window wide for further action to occur. Essentially you have seemingly already proven yourself on a few different levels. You're not only funny, but quick, agile, easily adapting to the situation or the humor of the moment.

3. Laugh. I mean, verbally, really laugh. This guy at the cafe I mentioned above, had an almost ridiculous laugh. I actually found it annoying. But the attractive female did not seem to mind, and in fact it seemed to make her feel good, and re-enforce that this was a good guy with a strong sense of humor. This is actually a trick I figured out, to invoke more humor out of the female. If you've ever noticed someone make a lame joke, then start to laugh hysterically, you can suddenly find yourself laughing much harder than you normally would, right alongside them. Just the added trick of making her laugh that extra bit opens the window up much further.

Humor is one of the main tools us guys should not only use, but master. It literally is the difference between a phone number with intimacy to follow or yet another damn night where you go home empty handed.

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