Blackberry Still Has Potential Even After Facebook Breakup

Blackberry Still Has Potential Even After Facebook Breakup

BlackBerry (BBRYGet Report) users who are Facebook junkies are grieving. The social media giant announced yesterday that it will discontinue its WhatsApp mobile messaging service for the BB10 at the end of 2016. Facebook will end support for Blackberry’s operating system.

It was the latest blow in a long string of losses for Blackberry. 

But Blackberry users shouldn’t despair. Losing Facebook will not turn BlackBerry into a stinker of a company. In fact, looking at BlackBerry’s plans for the future yields intriguing possibilities. 

To be sure, Facebook with its close to 2 billion active monthly users has revolutionized how we advertise and interact.

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But BlackBerry’s BB10 operating system has been dying on the vine. Few new apps had been developed for the system, even before Facebook made its announcement. The BB10 can’t compete with Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy product lines.

The company may want to scrap the BB10, particularly because it has another product in its arsenal with more potential.

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