ASU alumnus brings people together through LinkedIn

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He was inspired to create the school’s LinkedIn page because he recognized a lack of way to communicate between current ASU students and the alumni community, Howard said, stressing the role of social media as the “contemporary Rolodex” and the diverse post-collegiate experiences alumni have.

“I believe it’s vastly significant to have a digital space where like-minded individuals can share ideas and encourage out of the box thinking.”

While discussing his career path, Howard emphasized his professional relationships, what he has learned on the job, and how ASU provided him the tools to approach his work each day.

For Howard, the best parts of his job are, “the never ending absorption of information and building of great client relationships. More specifically, having the opportunity to work with a major movie studio and very closely with our Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter partners, has granted me the opportunity to stay abreast of really cool industry trends.”

According to Howard, ASU and School of Politics and Global Studies have both shaped his world view and understanding of global trends. With his studies on rapid globalization throughout the world, as well as his experience working abroad in South Korea, Howard utilizes his global experience daily, and he hopes to bring this experience to the 86 countries that have Mindshare Global offices.

The advice Howard offers is this: demonstrate a willingness to face different situations and scenarios.

“Be prepared to face challenges that will wholeheartedly test you to the breaking point, but ultimately coerce you to step outside your comfort zone and grow exponentially. And above all, just have fun!”

Written by Henry Campbell

LinkedIn Marketing