Apply NOW if you want a job after graduation, LinkedIn data shows

These insights might help you in your job search. (iStock/Getty Images)

No day but today.

Most college graduates are applying to jobs and getting hired between April and June, according to 2016 data from LinkedIn.

It isn’t too late. About nine percent of grads who applied to jobs in May 2016 got hired.

And it gets better: More than 10% percent of graduates got hired by jobs they applied to in the month of June 2016. But applications and hiring dipped back down to nine percent in July and August. Meaning, once summer ends, your chances of getting hired go down.

Where should you look? The usual suspect cities — New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Boston, San Francisco and Chicago — are known for hiring the most recent graduates.

All the cities hiring the most college graduates (Graphic: LinkedIn)

Other hiring hot spots: Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Cities outside the top 10 garnering high levels of interest from recent grads applying to jobs these days include Austin, Denver and Orlando.

And when it comes to careers with strong hiring potential, LinkedIn discovered the physical therapy field has the most entry-level openings with 52,000 jobs at $70,000 for a median salary. Software engineers come afterwards with 33,000 openings at a higher salary of $80,000.

Want to aim high? There are more than 14,000 entry-level jobs for pilots. And their median income is around $70,000.

The highest paying entry-level position with more than 600 openings today is investment banking analyst with $105,000 a year for a median income. Data scientists follow with $93,000 in median compensation — and more than 2,000 job openings. Hardware engineers garner $90,000 and there are only some 700 open positions.

LinkedIn curated its data by analyzing college graduate profiles from 2015-2017.

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