An Internet Troll Allegedly Threatened To Kill Chris Paul's Wife On Twitter

An Internet Troll Allegedly Threatened To Kill Chris Paul’s Wife On Twitter

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Social media can be a dark place. It’s kind of like driving: The veil of anonymity turns even the most rationale of people into Internet tough guys. But there’s also a faction on social media that exists solely to make life miserable for others and the line of actual intentions becomes blurred.

Unfortunately for Clippers guard Chris Paul and his wife, Jada, they’re being forced to deal with one of those types of people. TMZ reports Paul received an anonymous tweet threatening to kill his wife and then frame him for it. The tweet, which appears to no longer be active on the Internet after being posted on March 14, reads as follows (per TMZ):

“@CP3 if I knew where you lived I’d probably kill your wife and frame you for it. I watch dateline I get away with it.”

TMZ adds “Clippers security saw the tweet and notified the LAPD which launched an investigation to track down the person behind the threat … but so far, no arrests have been made.”

The report also states Paul has already contacted police over an Internet troll that has been harassing him and his family via Instagram for more than a year. Whether there’s a link between the two is unknown. Sadly, what Paul is experiencing is par for the course on the Internet, but threatening to kill someone is a serious crime.

(Via TMZ)

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