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8 Stories From Two-Dad Families On Their Experiences With Parental Leave

“As it turns out, we beat the odds and were matched with a couple in Florida for adoption just three months into my new job. My conversation with my new boss went something like, ‘I know when you hired me you didn’t think I would get pregnant, but my husband and I have been matched for adoption and instead of 9 months, the baby’s due date is in three months.’ The organization had over 50 employees and so was required by the state of Philadelphia — where the organization had its headquarters — to provide six weeks of paternity leave.

Mike used a combination of vacation and sick leave that he accrued over a long time to cover the period where he was home.

Today our son is good natured three-year-old, with a larger than average vocabulary, who seems well-adjusted and adaptable to each new challenge. Mike and I credit a lot of this to the daily time and attention we’ve given him since birth, ensuring he feels loved and nurtured.”

—”DJ” Johnson, 39, Nonprofit Vice-President and Mike Stirratt, 47, Federal Government Program Officer, Washington, DC

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