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7 reasons to stop predicting content marketing's death

7 reasons to stop predicting content marketing’s death

Communications pros can be quick to declare the death of fields and approaches.
With the rise of digital media, marketing and PR were declared dead on more than one occasion. Over the last decade, new technologies and communication processes have forced us to let go of traditional strategies and tactics in favor of increasingly interactive, customer-focused communication.As such, our efforts have evolved substantially, but the fields of marketing and PR remain intact.
Content marketing has emerged as an effective way to connect with audiences and stakeholders using relevant and valuable images, articles and videos to drive traffic and sales.
PR and marketing training sites have been abuzz identifying the best content marketing strategies, and organizations have created new positions or hired external consultants to address the growing necessity for good content.
Yet, some are erroneously predicting the demise of content marketing.
Here are a few reasons why content marketing is here for the long haul:
1. Content marketing has been around for ages. It wasn’t labeled such, but people have been using content to elicit calls to action for years.
Recently, we had to step up our game to make it more interesting, funny, surprising or solution-oriented. This is largely due to the fact that audiences are inundated with so many messages. There is a greater need for content to stand out.
2. Good storytelling will always be important. People are always looking for good stories, funny photographs and interesting videos.
Whether you are a fashion brand, a tech firm or a local business, your stories can make you more relatable to your followers.
3. Content is at the heart of social media. Your social media platforms won’t grow successfully without good content. It gives your audience something to talk about and share with their networks.
4. The goal remains the same. The goal of content marketing is that of traditional PR and marketing tactics.
In the end, you want people to feel connected to your brand or organization in a way that will stimulate them to choose you and share their positive experience with other people.
5. It’s audience-focused. If done right, content marketing is centered on your audience.
They require information to make decisions—whether it’s buying a car, deciding where to go for dinner or choosing a charity for volunteering. Engaging content that is focused on the needs and preferences of your target audience will help your brand thrive.
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6. Content marketing is not a medium. VHS is no longer around, but people still want to watch movies. Many no longer get the newspaper delivered to their doors, but we still check the daily news on our smartphones.
Specific technologies might disappear, but audiences’ thirst for stimulating information about products and services won’t.
7. Evolution is natural. We must stop predicting the death of fields and processes. They are not extinct, but rather continuously evolving and taking on different forms that require new strategies and skill sets.
This is a less dramatic way of looking at things that makes for less sexy headlines, but it’s more realistic.
Content marketing is here to stay. Let’s keep doing our research, learning about our audiences and re-inventing our strategies with the new technologies, tools and tactics that become available to us.
Maria Scopelliti is a communications advisor at the University of Ottawa. You can connect with her at A version of this article originally appeared on her blog.
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